What is Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Clearwater

Arthroscopic Knee SurgeryKnee Arthroscopy also know as Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Clearwater is a minimally invasive procedure where a camera is used through small incisions to fix or diagnose painful problems within the knee. These include, but are not limited to, torn meniscus, articular cartilage tears, and ligament ruptures. Patients who have Arthroscopic knee surgery often experience less down time and quicker recovery time.

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What causes a torn knee ligament?

A torn knee ligament can be caused by a number of different thing and is either weakened and torn over time or done in one instantaneous injury. Some common causes of ligament tears are:

  • Sudden force or hit on the knee
  • Twisting the knee with a foot planted
  • Landing on a flexed knee
  • Extending the knee too far
  • Making sudden stops or shifts while running